The Armed Garden and Other Stories - David Benedictus Bizarre and badass Christian and Persian legends from the eighth and fifteenth centuries. David B rubs some brown watercolors over his drawings which somehow makes his style a lot more appealing to me than it was in EPILEPTIC. The color scheme reminds me of Jason's IRON WAGON, but in that book the drab colors made an already boring story seem even worse, and here I guess it reminds me of a crumbly parchment, I like it. If you look closely at the pages though you notice that some of the drawings are little bit pixely, like maybe Fantagraphics printed the pages just slightly bigger than they were originally drawn, or like maybe this was printed in some dude's office. I also wish there would have been a paragraph or two about where these stories came from, cuz now that I've read these I wanna go on some more historical/metaphysical/Christian/Muslim/Zoroastrian adventures.

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